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Why second hand from us?

  • Each piece is valuable original

  • We offer only brand second hand that meets the high demands for quality goods

Head office Hradec Králové, sorting plant of second hand textil

Bří. Štefanů 982/69b
500 03 Hradec Králové 3
Czech Republic

IČO 41194161
DIČ CZ41194161

Branch office Olomouc

Matěje z Janova č. 21
779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Tel./fax: +420 585 411 582
Mob.:+420 732 68 68 68

Branch stock of second hand Praha Hostivice

(Areál STS)
253 01 Praha Hostivice
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 220 982 338


Second hand wholesale ETCIMEX

Etcimex is a second hand wholesale textile sorting plant. We are trusted long-term suppliers to hundreds of retailers in Czech Republic, our clients in a number of African countries, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and Pakistan. We stay closely in touch with our clients and their markets. Our employees are devoted to deliver the goods in a stage that not only our client is satisfied with, but principally the end consumer. We developed a unique second hand sorting system which enables us to customize each order to the demands of every customer. 

Choose of our second hand


We offer quality branded childrens second hand for your business.  Sell you quality second hand


We offer quality branded childrens second hand and textil for infants for your store. Purchase high-quality childrens second hand


Who we are

We are one of the first second hand companies in Czech Republic and in Eastern Europe. In 1992 eng. Talal Hallak established Etcimex (European Trading Company IMport-EXport) where 10 employees started to sort original second hand textile. Since then the company gradually grew to 180 employees who sort 200 tons of original second hand every week on a 10 000 m2 warehouses. We import original second hand only from West Europe – mainly Germany and Great Britain. Our main sorting plant is in Hradec Kralove, another sorting plant is in Olomouc and we have a wholesale warehouse in Prague. Thanks to this strategic positioning we manage to cover most of the market in Czech Republic.

Why we are so successful?

Why to Sell our Second Hand

  • Each piece is valuable original
  • We offer only branded clothing which is  demanded by end-consumers
  • Our sorted second hand clothes satisfies customers high demands for its quality
  • Thanks to the high diversity of the second hand textile your customers will find sizes of clothes and original designs which they won’t be able to find in other boutiques
  • Parents will regularly return to your shop for childrens second hand clothes. They will appreciate how you help them to save money on clothes .




Etcimex s r.o. second hand sorting plant and wholesale second hand